Our Culture

IEG has a unique culture that sets us apart in a crowd. Our culture is based on continuous improvement - we are always striving to become better, both as an organization and as individuals.

Mission & Values

The IEG team will continue to nurture and cultivate its unique culture, founded on principles of integrity and fairness, as a differentiator that sets it apart from all competitors. IEG will be the leading provider of high-value service solutions for manufacturing customers who are focused on building products for worldwide markets. IEG will provide the tools and training necessary to attract and retain a world-class workforce that can use root cause analysis and continuous improvement to craft solutions to our customer's most complex maintenance problems.


The IEG promise is total customer satisfactions. We ensure and exceed expectations we've made as commitment to a formal Service/Quality Initiative. Total company involvement in the Service/Quality Initiative allows IEG to continuously improve customer satisfaction and, by using a data focus, to deliver services on time with almost zero defects. IEG employees are focused on continuous improvement to deliver better services. We work diligently toward improving work processes to increase efficiency and productivity, reduce costs and eliminate downtime. In addition, we develop service-level agreements (SLAs) that enable us to track measure and improve our performance. When you partner with IEG, we want you to be completely satisfied. By continuously striving to improve, IEG will raise your expectations of the benefits you expect to receive from a service provider.